The debut mixtape from the ever eclectic Ryan Hawaii, “Factory Settings” is a project which once again defies convention. 

Featuring everyone from Grime Legend “Tempa T” on the opener “Balance” to Atlanta’s very own “Benji Ceez” on “SNM” & future Grime Legend “Kruz Leone” on the “Styn” produced “Like I’m Sosa” a collection of recordings spanning various sessions at the mysterious “Mighty Mountain Studios” Hawaii grafted together this collection of songs after filtering through countless demos and sorting the gold from the cold. 

With production from SpaceGhostPurrp affiliated “Loko Los”, Amsterdam’s “Styn”, Birmingham’s “Tony Bontana” & even the scientist himself “O.PAL fka Oliver Palfreyman” “Factory Settings” is a mixtape that has definitely clocked in some serious miles on the map. 

Dark bassy trap beats walk in Parrallel with hip-hop tinged cuts, with some industrial sounds thrown in for good measure. 

Hawaii’s vocal performance and abstract approach reaches new heights, as he tells tales from the streets of South East London where he calls home. 

“Factory Settings” a phrase coined by a close friend represents a great reset as well as creating one’s own reality - painted out by the album cover masterfully shot by top art photographer “Brynley Odu Davies”.
Life can be rough, but don’t forget to have fun & form your own reality. 

Listen to “Factory Settings” here

Spanning 5 tracks, Hawaii takes the listener on a journey with him from “OWN WORLD” a thumping introduction detailing Ryan’s formative years growing up in Catford, one of London’s roughest neighbourhoods, and his experiences deciding to stick to his own code of ethics rather than succumb to the crime going on all around him, next is “NGTFS” a mantra rolled into a song, a result of the hectic recording sessions in Styn’s Amsterdam apartment, with time truly of the essence. “WHY CRY?” a crooning center point of the project where Ryan laments over a past love, joined by Lufassa one of the curious & unique artists on the Dutch scene, who was a part of that special first session when Styn & Hawaii first met. “SILENCIO” an ode to the anxiety inducing society we all live in, where Ryan rejects all negativity and strives for a positive outlook on life “can’t walk with the pessimism; positive gotta bring that in” almost akin to Pharrell’s “Raspy Shit". The project is brought to a climatic close on “STEPS” an introspective cut, where Hawaii opens with “on the steps, to quest of enlightenment, who even know’s what comes at the end of the light again” touching on Mortality, Reincarnation & Mental Health all in one line, reflecting Ryan’s real world decision of sobriety beginning spring 2020, this epitomising the NOMAD’s journey over Styn’s ethereal but hard hitting sonic landscape. 
As you travel towards the mountain in the middle of the expansive desert, who knows what you will find there, but what is important is that you are going. 
Listen to NOMAD here.
Ryan, Rago link up once again for a 5-track EP with pioneering Birmingham-based producer & MC, Tony Bontana. With a work-ethic to rival any modern artist, Tony's ever evolving catalogue consists of thoughtful, introspective raps all the way to hardcore rock. Producing all the tracks on the EP, he lays the ground work for Ryan & Rago to spit straight fire.
Listen to The Butterfly Effect here.
VESSEL MENTALITY is the collaborative EP from the enigmatic artist, architect to many of the UK's most innovative sounds Rago Foot, also known for his role in the band King Krule & his early releases as part of pioneering South-London group Sub Luna City; producing all the instrumentals on the tape Rago builds soulful world, perfect for lovers of everything hip-hop.
Ryan, Rago & Goya trade verses throughout the project, touching on deep ideologies as well as insight into the turbulent city of London. 
Goya Gumbani, originally from New York, now based in South London, lays down smooth and poetic vocals with his trademark laid back flow, prolific as ever.
Listen to Vessel Mentality here.